Alternate Accommodation Services

The Michael D’Rews property team have a network of alternate accommodation suppliers across the UK. These range from estate agents, to hotels, from landlords to serviced accommodation.

The team can arrange alternate accommodation for insurance claimants and people having major home improvements carried out anywhere in mainland UK . 

We work closely with Loss Assessors and their clients to ensure they find the alternate accommodation that fits their needs. We take on the heavy lifting when it comes to the property search and payments to the accommodation owners. 

At Michael D’Rews we care deeply for the claimants’ concerns in what is a difficult time for them. We are there for them once they have moved in to their alternate accommodation. We provide peace of mind for all parties and reduce the workload for the Loss Assessor/Adjuster.


We have worked with the team at michaeldrews on several cases to supply alternate accommodation to our clients across the South East of England. Their service has been a real boost for our business.  They provide a selection of properties to suit our clients’ needs. Then look after them whilst they are there. It is an attractive additional service we can offer our clients without adding to costs. It also means we can better focus on bringing in new business – Neil Hodkin – Director at

I had claimants whose case had been dragging on for over a year due to legal wranglings. Now that it’s finally moving forward, it was a great help to work with the team at michaeldrews. They were able to quickly provide alternate accommodation choices, so the claim could progress and reduce my client’s frustration levels. – Laide Turvey  – Aspray Kent

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