Dagenham Attracts Hollywood Studio

Dagenham Attracts Hollywood Studio

Dagenham: London’s Hollywood!

With all the doom and gloom hanging over the UK economy it is good to see that the Greater London Authority are being proactive in putting a recovery plan together.

Dagenham on the eastern edge of Greater London is famous for being home to the Ford manufacturing
plant. It’s on the whole an industrial area that has seen better days. It would seem that brighter, more glittery days are on the horizon with plan taking shape for the biggest film studio in the capital.

The project has just been given the green light for £5 million grant as part of the Getting Building Fund. This influx of money will be manner from heaven for the short-let business in the Barking & Dagenham area.

At Michael D’Rews we’ve managed properties for actors and crew alike across London. We understand that this kind of studio is going to drive demand to an unprecedented level for short-let accommodation in the area. The level of clientele brought into the area will bring international and ambitious start-ups to East Dagenham.

The investment potential for properties in the area just hit the buy-zone. Property prices here are well well below the London average.

Should you require market intelligence reports for the area or have a property that you’re interested in short-letting, drop us a line at info@michaeldrews.com.