Stay Safe

Stay Safe

It has been tough for pretty much everyone in this time of COVID-19. Many millions of people have seen their livelihoods disappear. Many are looking to employ their skills in other ways. It was heartening to see that 750,000 people have volunteered for the NHS. These trying circumstances are bringing the best out of communities across the nation.

Michael D’Rews has been affected just like every other business (see Thinking Caps On!). As such, I have been employing my skills from a previous life in film and television, to help the NHS.

I got the call through my old film network contacts that some doctors in the anaesthesia department, of the Royal Free Hospital, were looking to produce instructional videos for the NHS on how to treat patients with COVID-19.

I was only too happy to be able to assist them in their efforts to train staff in treating the influx of COVID-19 patients. I can’t compare my efforts to those of the volunteers and the frontline staff. But it certainly felt good to be able to apply my skills to a task which may lead to lives being saved.

I was in awe at the size of the newly opened NHS Nightingale London at the ExCel. The experience of seeing the training required brought home the enormity of the task facing the NHS in saving lives during this pandemic. It drove home how important it is to stay home and keep the strain on our healthcare system to a minimum.

Those frontline workers deserve medals for what they are doing. I for one will be lobbying for some recognition for those that have gone beyond the call of duty, putting their own lives at risk, to save others.

Stay Safe.