Thinking Caps On!

Thinking Caps On!

The COVID-19 pandemic has tried to turn everyone’s world upside down.

Myself and the team here at Michael D’Rews saw scientific data in early March that pointed to the lockdown that we have now. Even from then we were determined that this wasn’t going to break us!

We simply needed to adapt to this new world and work out how we could continue with business in a safe and responsible manner.

Like all short-let management companies we took a big hit with cancellations for all our London properties for as far ahead as June. The industry had already been rocked by the closure of Hostmaker. However, on reflection, we found that we were lucky in many respects and in a much better position given the flexibility of our business model. We don’t have a large centralised office and we can all easily function from our homes.

So, we got our thinking caps on and devised a plan to see how the business could survive what has turned into a absolute catastrophe for some. Through my work with the NHS we opened up channels of dialogue with the key workers who were required to self-isolate. We focused our properties at those in greatest need and dropped the nightly rates to a cost price.

We also contacted all our future and current guests to reassure them we were on the ball and would keep them informed as to the latest information from health organisations and government advice. We also upped our cleaning routines to ensure every property is sanitised prior to a new guest arrival.

This is a time for people and businesses to come together, so we published a how to survive lockdown guide to give all the short-let property owners, businesses and even our competitors a few insights into what we were doing, just to see if we could help them too.

We are always stronger together.

Together we will survive this.

Please feel free to download the guide and get in touch if we can be of any assistance to you or if you just fancy a chat.

Stay positive. Stay safe.

Michael and The Team