UK opens door to mass Hong Kong Migration
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UK opens door to mass Hong Kong Migration

The UK has offered 5-year visas to a large section of Hong Kong (HK) residents. 350,000 UK passport holders and 2.6million in response to new security laws enacted by the Chinese government.

These security laws severely restrict the freedoms of HK citizens and angered the UK government. The UK sees the new laws as a severe breach of the agreement signed by the two nations in 1997 which
promised 50 years of protected rights for the Hong Kong population.

“After 5-years they will be eligible to apply for citizenship.”

The action by the Chinese government had already increased interest in London property investment and this positioning of the UK government is only going to boost demand ye further.

We look forward to welcoming our friends from Hong Kong on the UK shore as quickly as is safe to do so. Should you have any queries regarding property in London please don’t hesitate to contact us.